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About us.

AlphaDAO is an exclusive community of top Web3 investors, founders, and builders providing access to proprietary insights and deal flow. Alpha DAAO wants to empower and fund founders in Web3 by connecting them to peers and to the AlphaDAO network. 

When Alpha DAO is more than just a venture DAO, it's a community DAO where people share resources, deal flow and insight!

Alpha House is our community and events arm where to date we have hosted 77 in real life educational panel events/mixers featuring web3 investors, founders and builders in major U.S. cities like New York City, Miami, Austin, Denver as well as international cities like Amsterdam, Cape Town, Barcelona, Dubai, Lisbon, and Bogota. With a tight-knit group of industry leaders, we grow and strengthen the DAO's community through networking events, sharing alpha, and investing in valuable projects to grow the DAO's treasury. 


Huy Vu




IMAGE 2022-12-09 13_31_48.jpg

Christian Narvaez

Rayo Capital, Founder

Radica Gordhandas



Partner, PR and Marketing

CMO SynFutures

Mark Lee

Ricki Kanani 

photo_2023-01-23 01.00.12.jpeg

International Operations

Marketing & NFT's


Sugnesh Patel , Founder

Jeffrey Luk


Sonet, Founder & CEO


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